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Charlie Box
PRE-ORDER:  Subscriptions start April 5, 2021.  Charlie Boxes delivered May 2021.
The Charlie Box is a great resource to track progress towards your self-directed goals!  There are several different journeys to choose from.  This package is for people who learn best as a Do-It-Yourselfer.  For now, you will receive unlimited 15min and 30min on-demand coaching sessions to support you.  You can updgrade to the Starter Package if you'd like to add 1-hour coaching to dig deeper. Specifically, this package offers:
6 Charlie Box's a year that follows your curated learning journey and the most up-to-date leadership resources.  You will receive a learning schedule with activities to do every 8 weeks that will allow you to make and track progress throughout the year.  

You will receive unlimited credits per month to be used for on-demand coaching.  Our coaches are available when you need it most.  15 minutes and 30 minutes of time and are meant to be short exchanges with a coach for in the moment.  Best used when preparing for an important conversation, debreifing a tough conversation, practice pitching a new idea to get feedback, or any questions about your learning schedule in your Charlie Box.

Charlie Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Charlie Box
Your Personal Leadership Journey
$59.00every month for 12 months
  • Leadership Development  and career advancement isn't only for the c-suite or high potential talent. Everyone is a leader and anyone can learn to develop their skills. We will help you get there! The Charlie Box is a curated learning platform focused on professional and leadership development for individuals and organizations. We design a fully customized learning journey based on individual leadership needs.  We curate the best resources with the help of our educator network and leadership experts.  Plus, we provide a supportive coaching community and can match you with a certified coach.


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