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My Coaching

My approach is a blend of active listening and goal setting.  I have a deep understanding of workplace challenges including finding balance, avoiding burnout, getting unstuck, and refocusing on positive future goals.  I also have a deep understanding of the complete career management cycle, such as exploration, preparing for a job search, navigating the political landscape, and managing transitions.


Whether you are just starting out, transitioning, or an aspiring leader wondering what's next.  I help millennials with professional development and growth.  


Coaching is a tool that unlocks blind spots, uncovers hidden agendas, and removes obstacles.  I believe that people are fundamentally good and have their own answers, but we sometimes get tripped up.  It is not therapy or consulting, instead it is empathetic listening and powerful questioning.  I love helping people discover their own answers and grow personally and professionally towards their own definitions of success.

I have expertise in the professional services industry, startups, and tech. 

My services include a range of packages that include on-demand coaching for coaching in real-time and have curated learning paths.  All my clients receive resources that align with their coaching goals, called The Charlie Box.

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